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Automatic Printing for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
(Windows only)

This guide provides instructions for setting up automatic (silent) printing on Windows systems using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

  1. Accessing the Platform: Navigate to in your Firefox browser.

  2. Account Authentication: Log in with your business account credentials.

  3. Print Configuration


1.Select "View Gallery" to access your event photos.

2. Identify the event you wish to print photos for and select the print icon.

3.A dialog will prompt you to select print settings. Specify your printer and desired settings, noting that these settings will apply universally for the automatic printing. Test print to ensure settings are correct.


Enabling Silent Printing

1. Enter "about:config" in Firefox's address bar.


2. Acknowledge the warning and proceed.


3. Search for "print.always_print_silent" and toggle the setting to "true".


4. Make sure the value of the option is now shown as "true"


5. Close the configuration tab, return to, and refresh the page.

6. Attempt printing again, the printer should now operate silently using your predefined settings

For Google Chrome Users

Preliminary Steps

Repeat the initial access and login procedures as described for Mozilla Firefox. The process for selecting and initiating a print job before enabling automatic printing remains consistent across browsers.

Configuring Automatic Printing

Duplicate your Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop and rename the copy for ease of identification (e.g., "Chrome for Events").


Right-click the new shortcut, select "Properties", and append " --kiosk-printing" to the "Target" field. Ensure this addition is outside of any quotation marks. Apply and close.


Open Chrome using this modified shortcut and open to now automatically print images.

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