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Gain the competitive advantage with cutting edge AI technology for events,
and boost profitability by maximizing the impact for your clients.

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Management Platform

EventStation's AI Image Creation Platform, At Your Service.

Easy And Intuitive

Our management platform allows you to easily and effortlessly create new events, add your scenes and customize new ones. You can quickly set it up at the event for your photobooth or stand to get started.

Speed with Quality

Connect your hardware on any number of networks, quickly and smoothly, without losing image quality. Easily print, share and download your images with our automation solutions for an efficient flow.

Better Connectivity

Seamless Connection To Both Hardware and Web.


Send Your Output Images Anywhere On The Globe

Unrestricted Movement

Be free of geographical limitations when it comes to what and where you can send your guests' images. You can take a photo in London, print it in Tokyo and project it on a screen in New York.

Infinite Outcomes

There Is No Limit to What You Can Surprise Your Guests With.

More Than An Image

Transform your guest's experiences into tangible souvenirs from your event. From swag and nametags to framed photos, blocks and magnets. Perpetuate your event for an unforgettable experience.

QR Code

Instantly Create Download Links Your Guests Can Download From.

Easy Download

Give your guests immediate access to their output image with instant QR code right after each image is taken. You can set the QR code to link to one or multiple output images.

Cloud Storage

Enjoy Our Cloud Service For Storing Your Events' Output Images .

Worry-Free Storage

Event station makes sure your photos from each event go directly to the cloud, so that you can have access to them even after the event. You can then let your clients download them or use it to upsell.

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