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How it works


Start your Journey

Our AI-photobooth is ideal for solo or group photos at any event, it turns every shot into an unforgettable memory.

image 2.png

Screen 1:

Description: Interact with the Interface via a Touchscreen


Choose your AI-FIlter

Customize your photo session by selection from our array of AI-Filters, each designed to add a unique touch to your Image

Group 507.png

Screen 2&3: Choosable Options

Description: Choose your Gender or mixed gender for group photos; choose the AI-Filter (+20 are offered)


Strike your Pose

Get ready for your Photo. Position yourself and strike a pose that captures your spirit, and let our photobooth do the rest.


Screen 4: Countdown Starts - Take your pose

Description: Items can be included in the Photoshoot


Photo Transformation

Watch in awe as our advanced AI technology transform your captured pose into a unique piece of art in less than 10 seconds.

image 6.png

Screen 5: Loading Screen

Description: Loadingg times of 5 - 10 seconds are the average


Choose output format

Once your masterpiece is ready, choose yoour preferred delivery method. Opt for a digital download to share instantly, or select a print for a tangible keepsake


Screen 6: Capture the memory

Description: Print or Download - or both can be applied

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