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A Overview

Key Features and Customizations

Offer your guests a simple & fascinating Experience & Level up your store, private/coporate event or festival with our AI-Photobooth-Service. Benefit from our experience . Our supervising staff will ensure optimal operations and a smooth process during the event.

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Size & Positioning

Our installation is can be a standalone installation or can be included in existing structrures. We dont need a a lot of space, but shadow & and no direct sunlight are beneficial to ensure a high quality.

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Capacity & Lightning

Accommodates both individual and group photos. Up to 4 booths can be set up at a time. For optimal illumination, our integrated light sources guarantee good results

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Generation Time

Photos get generated within a few seconds (<5secs). Utilizes open-source software, custom-written software, and masterful prompt engineering

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Phantraisia can be used through a touchscreen in a modern design for clear and easy usability.

The hole installation includes two screens - a interaction screen and a output screen to ensure a clear view to the output for everyone of any size.

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We are happy to develop modified output and UI modifications for your event.

This includes the customizable character options or the implementation of your corporate identity or event related titles/logos as a
frame or mask ontop of the ouput image.

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Output Options

Print Options: We offer the possibility to make prints of the photobox results for your guests directly on site, providing a unique memory of your event.

Downloadable: We offer the option to download the photos after the event (person & session specific within 24 hours).

For specific pricing details, please contact us directly. The price is determined by several factors - including the number of operating hours/days, the number of installations, and the equipment used (we offer different solutions and ways to find an arrangement).

Interested ?

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