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1. What is Phantaisia?
Phantaisia AI Photobooth is an innovative photo booth experience that transforms your photo into a unique AI-generated artwork masterpiece in just 7-10 seconds. With cutting-edge technology, every photo taken becomes a one-of-a-kind creation.

2. How does it work?
Once you take a photo in our photobooth, our advanced AI algorithms process the image and generate a personalized artwork featuring your face. This process takes only a few seconds, after which you receive your masterpiece that includes you as the main protagonist.


3. Is my data safe?
Absolutely. We prioritize user privacy and security. Your photos are used solely for the artwork generation process and are not stored or shared with any third parties.


4. Can I choose the art style for my masterpiece?
Yes! We offer a selection of art styles that you can choose from before taking your photo. We're proud to have a globally recognized AI Creator, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions to the industry. Whether you're drawn to the surreal or the classic, the humorous or the dramatic, simply choose your preference and let our AI do its magic.


5. How much does it cost?
Please contact us for detailed information on costs and package deals.


6. Can I get a physical copy of my AI artwork?
Absolutely. Our software enhances existing photobooth setups, enabling them to create AI-generated artworks. If you have the means to print on-site, our software can seamlessly integrate with your setup, allowing for easy printing options on various materials like high-quality photo paper, canvas, and more.


7. How long do I have to wait to get my masterpiece?
The AI transformation process takes 7-10 seconds. Depending on your chosen output method (digital, print), there might be additional waiting times.


8. Are there any age restrictions?
While Phantaisia is suitable for all ages, children under 13 should be accompanied by an adult.


9. I'm not satisfied with my artwork. Can I redo it?
Certainly! If you're not pleased with the result, you can retake your photo or select a different art style. We aim to ensure every visitor walks away with a piece they cherish.


10. What if there's a technical glitch?
Our team is always on standby to address any technical issues. If you encounter a problem, please approach our staff or contact our helpline.


11. Can Phantaisia be hired for events?
Yes, we offer event packages where you can have the Phantaisia experience at your party, wedding, corporate event, or any other gathering.

12. Who are our clients?
Phantaisia primarily operates as a B2B (Business-to-Business) service, focusing on partnerships with businesses rather than individual personal clients. However, if you represent an entity or have a unique proposal that might not conventionally fit within these business parameters, we still encourage you to reach out!

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