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The AI Photobooth

PHΛNTΛISIΛ enables businesses to provide Gen-AI Solutions for the end user, in a simple and playful way.

PHΛNTΛISIΛ Offers professional Gen-AI Services with a focus on Business to business and a strong focus in business to event sector.

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Unlimited Creativity

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PHΛNTΛISIΛ Offers professional Gen-AI Products & Custom Solution for SMEs.

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No- & Low-Code Solutions enable flexible integration pssobilities to your needs

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A to Z Solutions

Benefit for from flexible solutions tailored to your needs

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Benefit from our flexible services and robust infrastructure.

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Unique Quality

Amaze your clients with our state-of-the-art quality.

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Unlimited Creativity

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Unlimited Creativity

Usage & Market Fit

Benefit from the wide range of options offered by our products and services.

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Public Event - Usage

  • Pot. Client: public agency

  • Product used: WebApp

  • Device used : Photobooth (rented)

  • Modifications: Custom AI-Filter & Use of custom banner designs & Print@home-function

  • Intended use: personalized event-related advertising to generate loyalty and provide a long-lasting memory of the event & Attracting attention on social media


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Campaign - Usage

  • Pot. Client: Corporate or Event Client

  • Pot. Product used: API

  • Device used : -

  • Pot. Modifications: Custom AI-Filter & Special trained Model

  • Intended use: Integration of our API in a custom created Userinterface & Process to generate Brand Awareness with personalized campaign-related advertising & use for social media marketing


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Private Event - Usage

  • Pot. Clients: Private & Eventservice providers

  • Pot. Product used: WebApp

  • Device used : Ipad & external DLSR-Camera

  • Modifications: Custom Ai-Filter-Designs, Print-Function

  • Intended use: Creation of photos for personalized event-related memories based on customer requests. Printing of photos on magnetic cards for guests to create unforgettable moments


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Unlimited Creativity

Our Goal & Past

Our solutions live our slogan and offer high-quality products that delight:
Created by people for people


Images on avg.

per hour per Event










Our results in numbers

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Our Goal & Mission

Enabling and creating the possibilities to create high-quality and individualized Gen-AI art for everyone - with themselves at the center, without knowledge of the underlying technology. Automated and easy to use.

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Our Past

The idea for PHΛNTΛISIΛ was a event request for an interactive art installation. Using Gen-AI, we were able to use the Visitors as the canvas of our artistic creations. The idea was born.


Past & Current Clients

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Unlimited Creativity

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